Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Hogsozzle 2017

Festival season is back! I honestly don't know how I used to get through winters that didn't finish just as the glittery, sparkly joy of festival time is visible on the horizon. "I don't think festivals are for me" I used to proclaim, "I'm not really a camping kind of gal"

First up is the pig-themed dreamparty that is Hogsozzle - it's the perfect start to the summer. The Turner Brothers are playing, there's a massive roast to 'pig' out on and best of all, the fancy dress theme this year is beyond perfect for my head-in-the-stars self...


Can you believe it? Hogsozzle was where I came up with my (deeply unpopular) hashtag - #bringbackcosmic back in 2015. It was the first time I ever saw someone decked out head to toe in pure galaxy print clothing...

I feel like I have posted this poor guys picture several times over the last few years and have never managed to find out who it is - if this is you, please comment below and I will tag appropriately!

So, fast forward a few years and I'm looking forward to Hogsozzle so much, we are going with all of the usual gang, The Turner Brothers and quite a few of our lovely friends. Check out the line up below, you have no idea how excited I am about the Electric Swing Circus, that's definitely going to be top of my must-see list...ahem...after the T-Bros, obvs.

But the absolute most exciting this about Hogsozzle is the dressing up! Last year I posted a series of inspiration posts and shopping guides around the ideas that our group had for the 2016 theme, Childhood Dreams, you can see some photos below and the links to each of the posts I wrote last year.

My beautiful friend Kelly went for a pirate look (click here to see the sources and shops that these fun costume pieces are from!) and she look fabulous, I loved her cute tutu skirt and her enthusiasm for having a cutlass! Click here to straight to my Pirate dress-up inspiration post.

Hayley went for a mermaid look and to be honest, she probably won. She fashioned a light-up bra from plastic shells and LED lights and it saved the day on a number of occasions (why the don't portaloos come with lights? Doesn't matter when your bra is brighter than the sun!) It earned her the nickname Titlamps, which we've pretty much kept for the last year and I know she'll be breaking out those spangly, light-up boobies again this year!

 I should probably apologise here for the terrible photo quality of some of these - I may had had a few too many mixed-in-a-tent gins by this point!

Here's an example of some of the beautiful headpieces I found last year to inspire her look, you can click here to go to the post where there's a ton of wonderful mermaid-inspired costumes, make-up and ideas for the festival season.

I was pretty lucky last year as I was gifted the most amazing Cosmic Space Lady dress from Tickled Pick fancy dress, I'm not sure if they are involved with Hogsozzle this year but I will still be checking out their site for accessories for our groups costumes. I made my headpiece and featured a DIY which I've seen getting quite a few hits already this year, I was really pleased with how it turned out but it got trampled on in the rush of packing up our campsite and it hasn't quite recovered - a great excuse to design a new one, complete with LED's, for this years super theme! Click the below image for my Cosmic Crown DIY.

I also put together some moodboards for cosmic-style make-up which I didn't quite implement last year, but this year I've gathered a huge amount of festival make-up and I'll be rocking at least one or two of these looks over the weekend! Click here to go straight to my Cosmic Inspiration  blog post from 2016.

So, there's a round up of last years ideas and aren't I lucky that my Childhood Dream was to have a Cosmic Disco? I'm going all out this year, with DIY's for various LED elements of our groups costumes and convincing as many people in our crew to get involved! Stay tuned - give my blog a follow on Bloglovin' or pop over to Instagram and follow me over there - @katyclouds.

You can buy tickets to Hogsozzle from their page here - they are on 3rd release so I'd snap one up if I were you!

Katy xx


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